Hemenhalt has been developed as a new and up and coming general contracting and service and maintenance company for the 21st century. We strive to provide “back to basics” service with a modern sustainable platform. Owned and founded by Christopher Hemenway and Jason Haltiwanger, this company has 40 years of practical experience at its helm. The combination of innovative research, cooperation with local, state, and federal organizations and programs, and willingness to stay on the cutting edge, separates Hemenhalt from other companies in the industry.

We provide general contracting services, construction services, preventative maintenance services and mechanical service to the New England area, mostly limited to Massachusetts but also NH and RI. Hemenhalt covers a wide range of the industry from new construction, to remodels and rehabilitation projects, to sustainable upgrades in both the residential and commercial sectors. Whether developing a new community, or adding solar panels to your rooftop, Hemenhalt will carry you from planning and design through to a successful finished product.


Hemenhalt is licensed with the state of Massachusetts to provide general contracting services and is registered and insured to do business as such. Hemenhalt  holds the following licenses and certifications in house:

MA CSL #: 99052

MA Home Improvement Contractor#: 161375

EPA Cert#: P21759690088F9F71

Certified Pool Operator Cert#: 1394876


We look forward to working with you in order to better serve your needs and the needs of your community in good service, quality work, and sustainability.